About Us

LifeM in the year 2023



Life M s.r.o. (Life science and Medical supplies) has started operation in 2018 as a specialised dealer for Eppendorf micromanipulator and Cell Technology products. Later we have added also focus on supplies of Eppendorf products in general and other liquid handling products for medical diagnostic labs. Since 2022 we distribute also products for Histopathology labs and Hamamatsu whole slide scanners. Our main focus however remains on life cell manipulation and culture and on devices and consumables for labs utilising special microscopy techniques.

We manufacture Antivibration tables of our own design for micromanipulation (IVF and science) and we work closely together with our sister company Synga - the manufacturer of glass microcapillaries for embryology and specialty dishes for observation in polarised light. To learn more about Synga please visit:  www.synga.cz

To learn more about the products of our sister company ADVI for sample prep for advanced microscopy please visit: advi-web.com

It is our joy to work closely with our customers in their labs and to search, build or design products to make their laboratory time more efficient, safe and happy.