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Astec Incubators

Astec EC-6S Incubator Astec EC-6S Incubator

Reliable and safe CO2 incubators by a renowned Japanese manufacturer.

Lykos Laser with DTS

Lykos Laser

LYKOS - The Newest in Laser Technology for Clinical Applications. The Dynamic Targeting System (DTS) option for the LYKOS represents the next generation of clinical lasers for Assisted Reproductive Technology.

Teco Incubators

Teco 10 Teco 20

Small CO2 incubators ideal for your laminar flow box.

Needles - G17 OPU Needles 1,4 x 320 mm back level 0,92 mm

Tik Needles OPU Needles by TIK Manufacturer: TIK d.o.o.

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Antivibration Table and Solutions

Antivibration Table LFM 75  - active or passive version

Readymade table to utilize an active ARIS TT75 or passive SOTO75 device from K&S advanced systems.

Microscope is placed on the same level as the table plate. Readymade to utilise a passive or active device from K&S advanced systems SOTO75 or ARIS TT75.

AV Table LFM 75


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