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Teco Incubators

Teco 10 Teco 20

Small CO2 incubators ideal for your laminar flow box.

Needles - G17 OPU Needles 1,4 x 320 mm back level 0,92 mm

Tik Needles OPU Needles by TIK Manufacturer: TIK d.o.o.

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Antivibration Table and Solutions

Antivibration Table LFM 75  - active or passive version

Readymade table to utilize an active ARIS TT75 or passive SOTO75 device from K&S advanced systems.

Microscope is placed on the same level as the table plate. Readymade to utilise a passive or active device from K&S advanced systems SOTO75 or ARIS TT75.

AV Table LFM 75


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