Microscope Laser for Microsurgery

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ICSI Cellular microsurgery is a successful application of laser intervention in reproductive biology. Laser-assisted hatching applied in the IVF process for the embryo implantation in the uterus of the patient.

Application of microsurgical laser in the IVF process helps to generate a tiny opening in the zona for extracting fragments and necrotic cells.  Therefore, a microsurgical laser improves the implantation and pregnancy rate.

Clinical investigators reported that the application of laser technique significantly increases the successful pregnancy rate from 17% to 45%. Laser-assisted hatching minimizes the repeated implantation failure.

The application of microsurgical laser in the IVF process is a novel medical intervention. A continual advancement of this procedure helps to provide a better outcome in the IVF process. Clinical researchers expected successful modification and introduction of the microsurgical laser can provide more accurate diagnostic and interventional procedures performed on the embryo in the near future.